Low Cost Studio Microphones To Add To Your Toolbox

Ready To Add More Studio Microphones To Your Arsenal?

As your recording business grows, you should be investing back into your gear. After all, a single seventy dollar condenser microphone will only get you so far right? You should always have a variety of microphones to choose from, as each has its own tonal qualities, pickup patterns, and purpose.

The following are 3 personal reviews and recommendations for your next step up for studio microphones. The following mic choices were made while still keeping performance and affordability in mind.

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Audio Technica AT2020

 Aduio Technica AT2020

Packing a good price and good specs, the condenser microphone AT 2020 is an amazing option for those who have been looking for something affordable yet trustworthy. Its 16 mm low mass diaphragm and great 20Hz-20kHz response provide a low self-noise output that is ideal for digital recording. If you are new at recording and would like something to step up your game, then this is definitely the best shot for you not to break the bank!

Professional Microphone Specifications

Whether you plan to use this mic at home or at the studio, you will get excellent results. Take a look at some other product specifications and features:

  • 144dB SPL handling
  • Sturdy, rugged body
  • Cardioid pollar pattern
  • Permanently polarized condenser
  • High quality threaded stand mount (pivoting)
  • Soft protective pouch
  • Lightweight : 12.1 oz, only!
  • Frequency response of 20 to 20.000Hz

Forgiving Entry Level Microphone

Even though it packs great features – being an excellent option for newbies and for those who would like something affordable.

This condenser microphone’s high frequency and sensitivity can give a very nice sparkle to your recordings whether you sing live or record, even though this item comes with no frills. There is no need to be very close to the microphone to get good sounds and results. Since it does not come with many whistles and bells many users who like advanced features could be slightly disappointed.


The bottom line is that the AT 2020 is a very good product for a very good price, and even though it does not come with some flashy, secondary features found on some of the higher priced microphones available, it does what it is supposed to do quite well: record clearly whatever it is that you want to convey.


Sennheiser MD 421 II


High Quality Brand At A Great Price

Sennheiser MD 421 II Condenser MicrophoneWith a superior quality build and incredible features, it is no wonder that Sennheiser microphones have become true stars in studios throughout the world. With a rugged body, superior features, and a very good reputation, the Sennheiser MD 421 II is a professional yet affordable microphone that packs a great set of features that will make any studio complete.

An Excellent Choice For Recording Instruments

As this mic copes with several different types of recordings, it is perfect for different applications. Since it features a large diaphragm, the dynamic side is able to handle high pressure levels of sound, making it sound very natural – whether you are recording drums, guitars or whatever else. If you would like to have one of the most well known, professional microphones of the world, then you get the best. Check out the main features of the Sennheiser MD 421 II below:

  • Pronounced directivity that allows easier handling
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • 2 full years  warranty, as most Sennheiser microphones
  • Rugged body
  • Sturdy body and impeccable finish
  • Five position roll-off switch
  • Very clear sound reproduction
  • Great feedback rejection
  • Dynamic Cardioid

Some Things To Consider

Even though this is a professional mic, just like any other of the Sennheiser microphones, some reviews do state that it is not a very good option for speaking (such as for radio channels, voice over studios, and so on) as the sound quality is not the greatest. It is packed with great features, however the shape of its body can also be a hindrance if you are trying to fit other accessories such as a foam windscreen on the item. The stand clip is also said to be a very bad stand adapter. Despite its strong pros, the asking price for the Sennheiser MD 421 II  may not be the best bang for your buck.


AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone

 AKG C214 Professional Studio Microphone

Better known as the younger brother of the AKG’s legendary C414 condenser microphone, the AKG C214 is the entry level option for those who want professional sound while paying only half the price. It is a great item for studios, solo singers or even bands that are on the road . Even though it has less features when compared to its mature version, it is still a very good all purpose condenser microphone.

 Impressive Specifications

  • Impressive 143dB dynamic range for natural sound
  • Perfect for both voice and instruments
  • Can be used by both lead singers and backing vocals
  • Packed with an integrated capsule suspension for resonance reduction
  • Scratch-resistant finish that is perfect for band tours
  • Made with dent-resistant metal grille
  • Shock-resistant
  • Gold-plated XLR output
  • 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency
  • Low-cut filter
  • Includes: windscreen, shockmount, and metal carrying case
  • Requires phantom power (+12V to +52V)

Highly Defined Recording Quality

Some other great features also include sonic characteristics for great details on lead vocals and solo performances with musical instruments. Ultra-low sound capture even when recording close-ups or high-output sources up to 156dB SPL. It also features options for those who would like to get the reduction of proximity effect and other undesirable sounds.

 Studio Quality, and Road Worthy

The bottom line is that if you would like to stay on a budget and still get the perfect sound,  you better bet on the AKG C214. It is high-detailed for both instruments and voices (even when  mixed together). Even though it is a top choice, some reviews point out that it is not the best choice for those who would like to record high pitched voices, as it blurs the sound. Despite having its cons, the AKG C214 has many more pros and is a well-worthy road mic that can definitely deliver some impressive results for those who want outstanding sound quality for a low price.