3 Cheap Acoustic Treatments To Get Great Sounding Recordings

If you’re just getting started in recording music or voice over, you are most likely on a budget, or just exploring and not willing to make a huge investment, just yet. You might also be like myself and want an affordable portable recording booth to use while traveling. In this post I will show you some inexpensive and very effective ways to acoustically treat just about any space, and make your own budget home studio.

Crazy Blanket Recording Method

Probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways is to simply use a blanket or comforter. The sound absorption qualities of a thick comforter is nearly unbeatable. You would be surprised how many quality recordings have been created using just this one simple method.sound absorption budget home studio

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Blanket Fort Recording Booth

Go grab the comforter off of your bed, find the quietest room available to you, and put the blanket over the top of you, and you microphone. As silly, and as simple as this sounds it works great! The thicker the blanket the better. Just be sure that the blanket is not touching your mic, and try to stay as still as possible, so not to pick up any noise from you or the mic rubbing against the blanket. You have a quick, easy and cheap DIY sound booth.

Couch Cushion – Booth

Pillows and couch cushions make effective sound treatment. This works best in a corner of a room. Prop the pillows and/or cushions up in a corner, behind your microphone. Then if possible pad the area directly behind you with cushions or pillows. Voila! Instant cheap acoustic treatment! You can combine the blanket method for the best sound absorption inside this mini vocal booth.

The Closet Vocal Booth

One of the best places in your home that is usually already a natural recording booth, your closet vocal boothcloset. All that clothing hanging up is perfect natural sound treatment. Just place your microphone in to the hanging clothes and start recording. The hanging clothing will absorb and disperse those sound reflections and you will end up with a nice dead sound. You can fine tune by adding a blanket directly behind you for better sound absorption.

DIY Sound Panels Cheap – Egg Crates

I actually picked this cheap acoustic treatment up while watching the movie La Bamba, when I was just a kid. In the movie Lou Diamond Philips, playing Ritchie Valens, was being recorded in a make shift studio, on the walls in the background were egg crates. I found out that this was a very common early day sound absorption technique, used to put up a budget home studios. Spray paint these in another color and hang them accordingly on your walls and you have decent looking cheap acoustic panels.

If you don’t eat enough eggs, try asking a neighborhood diner to set a few of these aside for you. It’s likely they will have no problem doing so, and it’s totally free to you!diy sound booth

Conclusion – Get Creative

All it takes is some good sound absorbing materials and a little imagination and you can easily come up with a great budget home studio to get yourself started off. As you grow and make money recording, you can invest in some of the more expensive panels and gear.

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